Using Timber Decking to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Timber Decking has experienced a boost in acceptance as a way to improve the look of houses, gardens and to get the best out of your property.

Including timber decks in garden designs is a unique and elegant way to enhance the garden and to create enjoyable outdoor space. By integrating features such as wood planters, lighting or outdoor seating, timber decks can become even more individual and interesting.

Wooden decking is a relaxing place to sit or to lie. Not too hard but very clean. It is also very practical as it does not only increase the value of your property but it can also turn unused outdoor space into a pleasant area that invites you to enjoy, to relax and entertain family and friends or it is just an attractive place for dining and for children to play.

Well-designed outdoor decks are strong, weather-resistant and durable but require little maintenance. Well-planned timber decking designs can extend your living area seamlessly into the outdoors and enrich the appearance of your home. Wooden decking can create a relaxing atmosphere and give you a sense of holiday feeling during the summer months spent at home.

Noel Anderton, Landscape One Design Ltd,

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